Website Sponsorships in Des Moines

Visionary is proud to partner with several Des Moines organizations. These are a few examples where Visionary has provided either a donation or web development services to benefit the greater good overe the years.

Des Moines Arts Festival

The Des Moines Arts Festival features the best visual artists in the country, along with interactive arts-related activities, live music and performing arts. Visit website.

World IA Day

World Information Architecture Day is a one-day annual celebration of online information. Hosted by local organizers, the event focuses on teaching, learning, and shaping the future of IA. Visit website.

Salisbury House & Gardens

Discover the enduring charm of 16th century England, the changing America of the 1920s and the vibrant culture of the 21st century at Salisbury House & Gardens. Visit website.

Holy Family School

Our foundation is dedicated to raising money to preserve the excellence that is Holy Family School with emphasis on traditional education and religious training. We receive recognition because of student success. Visit website.

Iowa Code Camp

Visionary Services, Inc. is pleased to sponsor the Iowa Code Camp. The Iowa Code Camp is an educational opportunity created for developers, by developers. Those participating will share what they know with colleagues and be exposed to outside concepts, functions, and expertise. The all-day training event is offered at no cost to attendees. Visit website.

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