Email Marketing & Email Advertisement Design

It is more important than ever to stay in touch with your customers. Email marketing campaigns allow you to create customized messages to your clients and contacts.

Bring value to your customers and they will appreciate your marketing emails.
Emails are the best way to remind, inform and reach users.

Many clients see added benefits by combining email marketing with two other advertising methods. A website with a strong search engine ranking (due to Search Engine Optimization) sees a boost in relevant traffic from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And don't forget about the tried and true print advertisement campaign; an effective plan can broadcast your site to a huge audience.

Visionary Services Email Marketing Includes:

  1. Custom Email Design & Development
    • Custom HTML (graphic) email designs, viewable in all major email clients.
    • Thorough testing of each email to ensure the lowest possible spam ratings.
    • Dynamic data integration allowing for personalized emails (include the recipients name or other details).
    • Integration with Visionary's email tracking system for accurate results reporting.
  2. Campaign Planning & Monitoring
    • List sign-up forms.
    • List importing and segmenting.
    • Analytics reporting for each email blast.
    • Ability to schedule emails.
    • Track invalid (bounced) email addresses to maintain a strong email list.
    • Target emails based on interests, demographics, or custom data fields.
    • Integration with Google Analytics (if available).
    • No risk to your domain or your web hosting server.
    • Visionary Services only utilizes CAN SPAM compliant email delivery systems.

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