Website Hosting & Support Services

Website hosting and support packages are tailored to meet the needs of your site and your business. All hosting packages include some level of client support, as well as Google Analytics tracking and traffic statistics. However, we also offer bonus services that can help you better convert online business leads and increase site traffic.

Don't get tricked by the low hosting fees of national vendors.  Those packages may seem like a great deal, but you'll get exactly what you pay for – and maybe even a few additional headaches.

What is hosting, and what do I get?

With hosting, you are essentially renting a space on our server for your website to live on the Internet. Without hosting, your site has no address, and your files have nowhere to be stored. There are numerous web hosting providers, all with different monthly or yearly rates. But a quality web host, such as Visionary Services, will have all the tools to make sure your website has a secure and comfy space to live and thrive.

We can also get you set up with domain-specific email accounts, multilingual site managment, and SSL certification.

Our production hosting is based on Linux servers in a highly-controlled and secure environment. All production hosting is provided in a Tier 1 hosting facility located in Des Moines, Iowa. This includes redundant power supply and communications connections, along with a security controlled environment with tracking and logging.

Why are hosting and support packaged together?

At Visionary, we believe customer relationships are a top priority. Many of our customers are business owners who have more important things to worry about than figuring out why their website isn't working. If a problem arises, they should have somewhere to turn to for help, or someone knowlegable they can contact to quickly resolve the issue, right?

Our hosting and support packages ensure that this is always the case. You'll never be left alone to figure things out on your own. No matter if you have one question for us, or 100, the Visionary Support team will be here when you need us.

What types of things can I contact support for?

With such a diverse customer base, our customer support requests vary quite a bit. But here are examples of the most common items we've been contacted about and resolved:

  • Invoice questions
  • Password resets
  • Site OnCall® trouble-shooting
  • Paying for invoices with a credit card
  • Minor requests for changes within our CMS, Site OnCall®
  • Adding an email 
  • Minor email issues
  • Troubleshooting bugs

No matter the problem you're facing, let the Visionary Support staff be your first point of contact. If your need isn't covered by support, we'll get you connected with the correct Visionary staff member.

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